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Mark Lamoureux

Green Door

The World Again

Hang Up Your Hang Ups

Green Door
after Wynder K. Frog

Green door

into the side of a hill

into the waves

into algorithms

into spades

into supplication

into arithmetic

into tachycardia

into basalt

into state animals

into adumbrations

into unto another

into bees

into erasure

into benzene rings

into stage directions

into endpapers

into lachrymarys

into ergonomics

into abrasions

into outros


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The World Again
after Tony Vann

As though they could exhale cabin air,
the valkyries of the future,
which continues to shrink
& distill until you begin
to doubt it is there at all.

An angle against the sun
to mark time; the sun
just a lousy orange, a porthole
into the place you were
promised.  At last, there’s nothing
out in space at all—
its limits irrelevant as
longing flapping like a salmon
on the cratered surface
of some aptly named moon.

Names deflate in space,
crumple into fists, each one
raised against the joke
of the air, just a skin
like any other skin, hiding
nothing, certain of its own boundaries,
the atmosphere crushing in
is more than you could imagine.

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Hang Up Your Hang Ups
after Bobby Lester

A nation
of trouble



in the stocks
& on the lawns


in the dreaming
a bad bone

its narrative

what they knew
would be

all along
the awful


lay down
in worsted

grey hair
the old speech

still holding

the feet
of braves

over sickly


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Mark Lamoureux is the author of thee full-length collections of poetry: Spectre (Black Radish Books 2010), Astrometry Orgonon (BlazeVOX Books 2008), and 29 Cheeseburgers / 39 Years (Pressed Wafer, 2013).  His work has been published in print and online in Fence, miPoesias, Jubilat, Denver Quarterly, Conduit, Jacket, Fourteen Hills and many others.

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