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Allen Qing Yuan


City Mingling

City Mingling

Full of the promising young, and the promised old
This kaleidoscope-like urban cityscape
Stuttering in broken circles of light
Towers zig-zagging
Across the geared, cyan skyline

No being cynical
Expanding borders
Until all sides are hypotenuses
But it’s your life, don’t make it a brutal brawl

Cybernetic world,
The clash of (common) creeds,
Is all I need to make sure that
There is not only me

Everyone’s values are today’s splendid, Splenda society
Making life sweet
It’s so wonderful--
To be you and me

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Allen Qing Yuan, born in Canada and aged 16, currently attends high school in Vancouver and has poems published or forthcoming in literary journals in seven countries, which include Chysalis, Contemporary American Voices, Istanbul Literary Review, MOBIUS, Ottawa Arts Review and Taj Mahal Review.

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