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Peter Richter

The With

Welcome To Your Future

The With

On a hospital highway
            give in.
            give in

to the with & whatever acid 
is in the air
hold your practiced wish 
at your throat's belt buckle 
& ante up. 

now we remove his chestnut heart.
let him wilt
over himself like a magazine.

let him bark up fatty blood 
like wet grapes
red sprayed across his hood.

at the where to part of your shoes
bend & kiss him on the gas mask.
a pious grin leaks free from his cheeks, 
this is the with

& watch his chattering lashes.
these open sores need glue 
            & remove his lungs too.

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Welcome to Your Future

You are old and look like fallen bark -
Don’t attack your face with a mirror or nurses
or anything that makes you a patient in your home
try poison
try reform
try online shopping
hell, try freak lighting strategies that cheat
try a killer get-up
something which highlights your calves
because after all
they have always created a festival on the dance floor
and we'll dance around you like confetti shook in a bag
It'll hit 4am
and you’ll be the only survivor
manning the cockpit
you'll be yelling
            we’re going down!
and our skulls will bounce across the lawn like bowling balls
and our age will be in flames. 

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Peter Richter received his BA from Rider University. His poetry has since been featured in > kill author, decomP, THE2NDHAND, Indiefeed Performance Poetry & other great publications. His ebook, KING OF HIS OWN HEAD, will be released through Pangur Ban Party in late 2010.

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