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Calvin Pennix

Lost In The Cycle Lost In The Cycle

I Leave You With A Blemish


Lost in the Cycle Lost in the Cycle


You are a keyhole

                but I long ago misplaced my keys



The postal annex                                                 – closed on Sundays –


has the only working Silca Matrix S


and a locksmith

will only feed me for today



There’s no glass to break



screen to remove


but the tragedy is



these stitches are sewn in upside-down

roots are due to go underground

there’s no “E” in that word

knitting is a different beast altogether

sprouts are the newness

that we bank on for the amazing

that we boast about to our neighbors



and those fine drops of water



split twigs in two







              split twigs in two






split twigs in two


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I Leave You with a Blemish


Arms tied in a knot

you stand in the way of a B-boy

bent in dismay


The pregnant pause precedes

you asking if I can roll my tongue


but which do you mean

the one with or without sound?


I can do both

       my mother can do both


I leave you with a blemish

   to remind you to find me

under the ficus

where the cat sleeps


the blowfish suckles


I lost my way

in a wordy wind

    walking parallel

to lines of longitude


you couldn’t follow


yet you requested an audience


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Calvin Pennix lives with his wife and daughter in Mission Viejo, CA where he is completing his MFA and MA in English at Chapman University.  Calvin is currently an instructor at Everest College, where he teaches Composition and Algebra.  He is currently completing his thesis in which he attempts to portray that imagination, art, literature and history are as real as experience.

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