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Michael Chang

godliness in 30 minutes or less (do not congratulate)

godliness in 30 minutes or less

no shade butif you have a buffalo in your logoyou probably don’t get my poetryi like how when british boys singtheir accents disappeari buy his favorite body wash so his smell can lingerit’s kiehl’s grapefruit bath and shower liquidthen i realize it is missing something coconuttyof coursethe coconut oil in kiehl’s amino acid shampooso i buy that tooas one-third of an elite crimefighting teambacked by an anonymous billionaireyou would think i had better shit to dowomen with baby carriages are usually spieswhen you’re a hammer every problem looks like a naili think about his oral fixationso good make his gum popi cook him swordfish for dinnerit looks kinda sinewy and all i can think about is his bodyi have started to do that thing wherei scribble down great lines before they evaporatethis means i am a geniuswhat do you think taylor swift is doing right now?don’t be afraid of my sadnessi accept the rosé and watermelonserved by the light-skinpolite like the 2020 olympicsbeginner’s guide to japanwe hang out a lilbefore he goes to worki have my lil espresso (4 shots)he is principal deputy assistant secretary of statehe advocates for things likepink-collar job security—and nuclear nonproliferation—i picture short skirts and feather boas—glowing—as rupaul saysthe rest is draghe says things likethere is no solution because there is no problemthere is no problem because there is no solutioni remind himomit needless wordsself-care is a human rightlike wifi—free refills—substitutions at restaurants—borderless nationshe tells metop gun is homoerotici saythey sell rotisserie chicken in bags nowbut what i really want to know isam i a ghost with a predilection for potteryalsowhen he talks about timber in my eyeis that an invitation

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Michael Chang (they/them) is the proud recipient of fellowships from Lambda Literary, Lighthouse Writers Workshop, Brooklyn Poets, & the Martha's Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing. Their writing has been published or is forthcoming in the Vassar Review, Minnesota Review, Santa Clara Review, Summerset Review, Heavy Feather Review, Yellow Medicine Review, Juked, Radar, LandLocked, Poet Lore, Ninth Letter, Hobart, & many others.


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