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Franco Cardiello

I Can't Move

I Can't Move

I won a game that made me a loser
my history ruined my chance of a future
my eyeballs bounce around in the mirror, but I can’t move

I sleep in the day and run at night without shoes
chasing a dream I can’t remember -- I got a clue with no proof
a whirlwind around me blew and blew, but I can’t move 

I stare at her -- she is hieroglyphics
I can’t paint her colors so I scramble lyrics
her instrument beckons me, but I can’t move

smiles faded, laughter silenced and ash piled high
everything collapsed on me all at once, rubble to the sky 
suffocating debris. I don’t want to die, but I can’t move

throwing me in a stifling box was their best offer
but padded walls don’t make the room softer
I bounce off the walls like a monster, but I can’t move

I’ve been just about everywhere. I don’t like anywhere
I don’t know where else to go now. I’m scared
my spirit runs myriad miles everyday, but I can’t move

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Franco Cardiello is a novelist and poet who sprays graffiti, records music, and writes and directs short films. He’s also a licensed social worker that counsels teenagers and teaches creative writing in New York City juvenile jails. He's recently been published in Soul-Lit, Literary Yard, Down in the dirt, Scars and Nine Muses. You can follow him on Instagram @CardielloFranco

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