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Andrea Reynolds

Eating Over the Sink

Eating Over the Sink

The shot glass on my windowsill
announces the morning.

I don’t mind eating over the sink
rinsing the fragments
of peeled shell, noticing
the damn deer stripped
the bark off of the branches
of the Sandcherry tree.
most of its limbs
dead on the grass. 

With the precision of
calligraphy, I lace the salty
confetti contrasting
the crumble of the yolk
and the smooth white.

Soon the fawns will
with trembling legs
maneuver the chain-link
by the deep storm drain
where they seem to
begin their young

Two years passed, the
willow didn’t survive
the meals ravished
the feathery leaves
the waving branches.

Feeling a strange twinge
I picture last year’s young
deer in the metal and
concrete dangers
of my world—maybe
hungry for life.

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Andrea Reynolds grew up roaming the neighborhoods of South St. Louis.  She was recently accepted to the MFA Program at the University of Missouri-St. Louis where she also earned her Bachelor of Science and Master of Education degrees.  Andrea is a full-time teacher and the English Department Chairperson at Cor Jesu Academy in Affton, Missouri. 


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