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Aparna Upadhyaya Sanyal

The Need to Fly

The Need to Fly

I am at your gate again,
weak but not ready to bend. 
Asphyxiating at the thought of
what lies within, but trembling
with the need to step
in, nonetheless.
Pull me in before I bolt,
the last vestige of sanity
leaves me in a whooshing
cacophony of red tears and
emotion I cannot stop.
Pull me in before I fly 
away. Reign in my wings--
pluck each derision from my 
shoulders and each
doubt from my eyelashes
where it grits the edges
and salts my face.
Pull me in before 
the corroded sense of flight 
my every other desire,
and my exhausted, sudden 
flight brings me 
back to the start

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Aparna Upadhyaya SanyalAparna holds an MA from Kings College, London. She is a recipient of the 14th Beullah Rose Poetry Prize by Smartish Pace. She was a finalist for the 2018 Third Coast Fiction Prize. She is featured on the Masthead of the Songs of Eretz Poetry Review as a Frequent Contributor. Her poetry has appeared/ is forthcoming in Smartish Pace, SOFTBLOW, Gyroscope Review, Broad River Review, Poetry Breakfast, The Visitant, and many more. Her first book is slated for release in August 2018 with Vishwakarma Publications, India.  She lives with her 4-year-old son and husband in Pune, India. Find her work here:



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