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Cody Slauson



He grew in corn,
an afterthought among the kernels,
feet planted in the rows
where the seed didn’t take.

He grew straight and green,
unbending in the summer heat—
a prayer to Missouri.
But corn is sown for the harvest

and does not speak.
What can come from the tongue
of a cob uncut for feed,
for processing into the thick syrup of our hunger,

or for sacrifice on a backyard brazier?
He speaks nothing but breeze
and fumes in his silence.
His leaves brown, turning husk.

Winter gone, left standing for frost,
he shakes his roots free; he walks.

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Cody Slauson is a New England transplant to the Midwest who received his MA in Poetry Writing and a Certificate in the Teaching of Writing from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. As an adjunct, he teaches writing in campuses around the St. Louis area.

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